Peace building, advocacy and governance (PAG)

On this key program area, IDO makes every effort to promote peace, advocacy & good governance among the communities to inculcate their legitimacy in undertaking social accountability initiatives. The Organisation plays a more active role in empowering communities in a bid to promote good democratic governance. As in 2015 – 2016, our focus on peacebuilding, advocacy and governance has been with conflict affected populations as the peace agreement implementation is underway in 2017 – 2018 particularly in areas where accessibility is possible. It is important that these directly conflict affected communities fully understand the peace agreement as is necessary for their democratic participation in future governance and elections.

The primary objectives of IDO’s PAG program are to:

  • To mitigate violence in South Sudan, through practical democracy, good governance, non-violence and peace building initiatives.
  • Women and girls participate actively at all levels in IDO supported peace-building initiatives
  • To increase meaningful participation of citizens in affairs of the States.
  • To sensitize Government Officials and communities to uphold Human rights, peace and good governance principles.

IDO works with local and national partners in order to build the capacities of women to achieve the desired outcomes. Main focus is put on activities supporting:

  • Active working and advocating for peace,
  • Non-violent conflict by pursuing democracy and human rights,
  • Peace building and relief work to contribute towards reduction of direct violence
  • Mediators and trauma healing counsellors
  • Policy makers – transforming relationships and addressing the root causes of violence
  • Educators and participants in the development process.

The Organisation gives due attention to influencing policy and practice with a view to primarily shaping social policy landscape in South Sudan. Strategic and technical support is provided to community members to identify and analyse issues, build constituencies and enhance popular participation in the policy and legislative processes as well as improving administrative practices.

Where necessary the Organisation undertakes action research to support advocacy initiatives. The Organisation develops and strengthens good and strategic working relations with research and higher learning institutions both to influence research agenda and to keep abreast of relevant research findings for advocacy. IDO program staff are always encouraged to document strategic evidences and success stories to support policy engagement and advocacy work. IDO develops and strengthens good working relations with journalists and diverse media houses to enhance its advocacy work. In addition, deliberate efforts are made to enhance civic competence by taking part in provision of civic education.


Figure 2: Intercultural Dialogue at Mangateen IDP Camp
Figure 1: Training at Mahad Camp on Electoral Process funded by   UNDP