Nyaban Dieu
Procurement & Logistics Officer
Nyaban, scrutinizes and oversees all the procurement and logistics processes and ensures that the procurement polices are up to date as required for the smooth running of the NGO
Hawa Rebecca
Communication Officer
Hawa holds the entire communication department, she establishes and maintains clear communication networks within and outside the NGO.
Mr. Yohanis Riek
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
yohanes-riekYohanis serves as the Chief Executive Officer of IDO, responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of the Organization...continue reading
Mr. Gale Samuel
Admin & Finance Manager:
lMr. Gale Samuel was born to a family of 8 siblings in Liwolo Payam Kerwa Boma in Western Kajokeji in 1983. His father is the oldest of family of 6 siblings living in remote village of...continue reading
Yeng Simon
Programmes Coordinator
Mr. Yeng Simon is the current Program Coordinator for IDO’s Peace, Advocacy & Governance unit and is a Fellow of SOCSIS, member of ODCASS, Professional....continue reading