How IDO was founded

In December 2009, a small team of dedicated volunteers; young ambitious youth came together in Khartoum, Sudan and founded what we now called Integrated Development Organization (IDO). The team had formed largely on theirs’ own financial support and subscriptions who were interested in forming a humanitarian and developmental organization capable of delivering services and empowering communities quickly under post-recovery period in Sudan.

By 2010, this committed group of volunteers officially incorporated the organization in South Sudan and  Integrated Development Organization came in to being. Two years later, IDO membership grow to 50 members and employs 21 staffs and volunteers working in three (3) states of South Sudan, empowering and working with South Sudan’s rural communities to lead and develop their post-conflict societies every year.

In IDO’s early days and even up to date, staffs were and/are unpaid volunteers who finance their own support. But today’s a few SSIDO staffs are paid professional with years of humanitarian and development experiences.

Who we help

Millions of South Sudanese communities live at the peripheries of the Country where access to government services is virtually low. They are disadvantaged,excluded and vulnerable to help themselves. To this end, we strive to designed activities aimed at empowering these communities so that they are able to lead and develop their post conflict societies. To do this we target the following groups;

  • Local communities as a whole
  • Women and men
  • Children & Older people
  • Youth groups and farmers
  • Internally displaced persons and Returnees
  • People with special needs and ex-combatants