IDO’s Protection program started in 2012 in Unity State’s Mayom and Abiemnom counties, but at the beginning it was purely land, property and housing project but as time went on basing on the priority needs. SSIDO had to scale up its sectors by integrating child Protection and Gender Based Violence into land protection in our areas of operation, with an objective to respond and to prevent further violence against the most vulnerable ( women and girls).This been achieved through awareness raising ( dissemination of behavior change messages), trainings, providing psychosocial support, capacity building ( entrepreneurship skills), positive talk sessions, formation of clubs and formation of the response team for sustainable development.

The Land, Property and Housing Project in Unity State:

In 2012, the IDO embarked on a five-year initiative aiming to increase communities and women’s access to land, property and housing rights through national and local advocacy in a coalition with other Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) operating in Unity State.

The project aims to provide well-researched legal, policy and practice recommendations for the local community and governments, including practitioners, donors, governments and other civil society LPH actors. The project’s evidence base is drawn from SSIDO’s extensive operational experience, for over 5 years now, as a provider of information and counselling related to land, property and housing (LPH) rights in 3 Counties (Rubkona, Mayom and Abiemnom) stricken by conflict and post-conflict situations in Unity State.

The first land project was funded by NPA through an alliance of civil society working on land protection from 2012 to 2013 covering Unity State (Mayom and Abiemnom counties) for a period of one (1) year. Although for a period of nine (9) months SSIDO was short of funds for the protection project to continue running due to 2013 December crisis.

In October 2014, SSIDO re-activated the protection program and re-developed partnership with Norwegian people’s Aid (NPA) which contributed greatly towards our vision of a just, peaceful and healthier society where communities are empowered to lead and developed their post conflict societies.

IDO LPH Project aim to increase knowledge and understanding of:

  • Importance of communities and women’s HLP rights in post-conflict settings by providing well-documented legal, policy and practice recommendations and their rights to participate in local governance in particular.
  • Promote wider recognition of the importance of enforcement of communities and women’s equal rights to security of tenure in national, state and local policies through constitutional provisions and laws governing women’s rights in South Sudan.
  • The way through which women can claim their rights within policy, legal and institutional framework.
  • Improve SSIDO’s programming to promote increased security of tenure for communities and women affected by displacement

IDO plan a child protection project to be funded by UNICEF which was to run from the month of January to December 2015. In this project we aimed at offering psychosocial support to children affected in conflict in the Unity State’s Mayom County. Where we engaged actively in support of the IDPs at Mankien through interacting closely with them by forming clubs.