Protection and Education (PAE)

In spite of the volatile security dynamics in South Sudan, IDO’s work on protection and education continues to be part of our overall support for holistic child, youth and community development. In South Sudan there remains high numbers of vulnerable children and families who experience significant barriers to education and protection concerns, family violence, poverty and homelessness. Our focus is on communities in Yei, Lakes States and Greater Upper Nile Region (Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile States) where this inequality is most evident.

In those areas, our protection and education program continues to support the needs of a particularly vulnerable group – displaced and returnee women with young children who face the challenges of starting a new life in those areas with no or little family support and often a history of loss and trauma.

We will expand our work with disadvantaged young people in urban centres, building on our strong evidence base linking targeted social community programs and the reduction in young people being detained in youth detention facilities, and once released, reduce their risk of returning to detention.

IDO is committed to meeting the needs of South Sudan’s most vulnerable children, women and youth and has focused its programs on addressing the worst forms of disadvantage.

The primary objectives of IDO’s protection & education program are to:

  • Education: Increase access to basic education for all children, and empower marginalized groups such as girls and the poor, to enable them to complete their basic education in a child-friendly, good-quality learning environment in which they have a voice.
  • Our work includes supporting the construction and the renovation of schools to improve the learning environment, building the capacity of teachers to improve their effectiveness and career growth, providing educational and scholastic materials and equipping community library with essential books to increase the amount of teaching and learning resources, and community awareness raising to increase enrolment and enhance ownership of schools. Providing Nursery school with playing toys and providing Games and sports materials to the children in emergency.
  • Disseminating girl’s education sensitization messages through workshops and meetings providing Scholarship to girls and providing girls with comfort kits to keep them in schools. Mobilization and training local education managers and training PTA in providing oversight in monitoring the education systems.
  • Protection:
    • To enhance communities’ capacity to engage in child and women rights and protection issues. To reduce gender based violence through initiation of sustainable businesses for the affected groups
    • To enhance capacity of staff on IASC guideline during humanitarian situations.
    • To raise public awareness on violence against women & SGBV.Gross violations of children’s and women rights continue to take place in South Sudan – including the right to protection.
    • IDO’s protection focus is on the issue of forced child marriage, gender based violence and land issues which are prevalent in South Sudan. These are key barrier preventing girls and women from accessing education, property and housing opportunities.
    • Our work also encompasses emergency intervention among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Juba, Lakes, Yei and Unity States, through Child-Friendly Spaces where children actively take part in activities that help them to cope with the situation and reinforce their resilience. School clubs have given children the skills to express themselves, and support will be given to girls and boys by our skilled staff in preparing poems, songs, drama and debates and radio programmes in which they educate parents, community and their peers on child rights and peace.