Ongoing Projects


IDO is implementing the above two years’ project with support from CAFOD & TROCAIRE IN PARTNERSHIP Strengthening Implementing Partners Capacity to Incorporate Governance, Peace Building and Advocacy Issues in livelihoods and Humanitarian Programmes.

Goal:  The goal is to increase impact of CTP partners’ program work by identifying barriers to effective implementation and developing capacity building strategies to overcome these challenges.

Objective: To build the capacity of partner organizations so that they are better placed to implement effective activities now and in the future. IDO works closely with the identified CTP implementing partners or with new groups as need arise during project implementation from the three Counties (Juba, Yei and Yirol East) to shape the direction of the project.


There are a number of activities that IDO is carrying out in the implementation of this project;

  • Scoping study of CAFOD/Trocaire partners in Central Equatoria and Lakes State; this study focuses on gaining a better understanding from CAFOD/Trocaire as to the partners they are working with and the work they are doing – how partners were initially identified; what issues they face while working with partners. IDO then works closely with each of the partner organizations to better understand the work that they are doing around emergency preparedness and response, and sustainable livelihood activities, and the challenges they face in meeting the required outcomes. In the first 3 months IDO carried out the study and found key challenges affecting the partners both in Central Equatoria and Lakes State.
  • IDO Developed a strategic capacity building plan that is helping in addressing challenges identified during the scoping study. Within the first 6 months; a capacity strengthening strategy will have been developed and agreed by IDO in collaboration with CAFOD & Trocaire in Partnership and all partners and working on Implementing Partners (IP) Toolkit on Strengthening Programming in Emergency Response and Preparedness during the first year
  • Implement programming of capacity building activities for all partner organizations: For the next two years the strategy will be rolled out with ongoing capacity building activities including trainings, exchange visits, discussion forums.
  • Institutional Strengthening of IPs through trainings and mentorship for emergency sensitive community led programming and local development: IDO will be conducting capacity development training sessions for CTP targeted partners’ staff.
  • Implementing Partners (IPs) exchange visits to learn and share best practices with each other.
  • Community mobilization through strengthening social capital for peace building, governance and advocacy issues with IP at the County level: Since local people are best situated to solve local problems and will support what they help create, IDO will train the implementing partners and other community based structures in Juba, Yei and Yirol East counties to inspire community processes and attitudes that trigger teamwork and engender collective measures of community actors in planning, controlling, leading, organizing, supervising and to take action, specifically toward the development of their respective communities;
  • Community driven-engagement/discussion forums: This will be conducted through community driven-engagement/discussion forums: IDO will capacitate the implementing partners on how to conduct community-led Forums in the selected counties in Juba, Yei and Yirol East. The forums will seek to provide a platform for community members and leaders to identify and discuss emergency and developmental issues and to deepen their involvement within the communities/activities.


From 2015-2016, IDO has been implementing Peace Building, Advocacy & Governance project funded by UNDP South Sudan Strengthening Voices, Participation & Engender Local Governance Processes in South Sudan, Central Equatoria’s Juba County.

The main purpose of this project is to strengthen state – communal relations within the three UN Protection of Civilian (PoC) sites, Mangateen and Mahad (Konyonyo) IDP camps in Juba and to increase their democratic engagement, access to and participation of conflict affected communities in the South Sudan’s political, peace and state building processes.

The project includes a series of activities such as;

  • Inter-generational & inter-Communal dialogues
  • Monthly issue-based peace forum
  • Community & government Engagement meetings
  • Training and supporting peace committees/mobilizers
  • Communication/feedback loops to the IDPs community with regards to ongoing peace efforts and specific items of relevance within the peace agreement.