Food Security & Livelihoods Program (FSL)

IDO’s Food Security & Livelihoods program aims at making measurable and sustainable improvements in farming production and resource utilization through instruction and skills improvement in growing, processing and marketing practices. We provide direct technical assistance to smallholder farmers through field extension agents, who live and work in communities to promote changes in attitudes and systems, while enhancing clients’ skills in agriculture and livelihoods development.

IDO approach to FSL does not simply give rural farmers new tools; we empower rural farmers with the skills needed to generate increased production, income and profit, and also with knowledge, promoting respect for the environment and improving the quality of life of the rural community as a whole.

The primary objectives of IDO’s Food Security & Livelihood program are to:

  • Increase food availability and food access through improved farming systems, invigorated entrepreneurship, and strengthened market systems.
  • Improve food utilization through food distribution and better care practices, such as improved food processing, preservation and storage.


Figure 5; IDO demonstration farm in Bentiu